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Intelligent Fabrication – The Overwhelming First Choice of Progressive Fabricators

SPT Structural Steel Beam Drilling and Sawing Systems

Optional equipment

Profidrill PDL-3D-PRO-400

with optional sawing machine and side feeding system

Beam Drilling / Sawing Line

The Profidrill PDL-3D-pro Beam Drilling / Sawing Line is a low cost system ideal for the medium to large steel fabricator.

Supplied with three drilling spindles and three position tool changers his machine gives real production at a realistic price.  A straight or mitre cutting bandsaw can be installed either back to back or split from the drill.

Drill/Saw tandem installations save precious shop space and manpower.

This beam drilling line can process I beam, channel, flat bar, angles, tubes and pipes up to and has either a pusher or gripper type measuring device. As options we can supply a part marking device (stamp or engrave) and complete material handling with material loading and unloading.

An integrated Material Handling System from Profidrill enables sections to be loaded from both sides of the infeed conveyor via crane or fork truck.


Profidrill PDL-3D-PRO-400

With optional sawing machine and double side feeding system, loading and unloading

  • Cross conveyors for auto-loading on feeding table

  • Cross conveyors for auto-un-loading on out-feeding table

  • Inline straight sawing machine

Profidrill has designed and manufactured material handling systems for structural steel shop installations for the past three decades.

A cost-effective shop layout can be custom designed for your specific tonnage needs…now and in the future.

Automatic Material Handling : Several machines can be coupled together by means of automated roller conveyors and various types of cross transport conveyors. A complete fully automated material handling system is the result, centrally controlled.

Quality is the key word for us. Profidrill only uses proven, quality standard components from globally established suppliers like Bosch, Rexroth, Festo, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, ....

The use of standard components that are readily available, ensures the availability and serviceability of your machines.